The UPA is now "USA Ultimate"!!

The UPA is now "USA Ultimate"!!
The UPA has changed its name from the UPA(the Ultimate Players Association) to USA Ultimate

Sunday, May 4, 2014


After sectionals we had 2 weeks to recover from a physically tasking tournament to prepare for what would prove to be the climax of our season.  Practices to prepare for regionals were very intense and very focused.  Captains Alan Huels and Jordan Manke made it a goal to break into the top 8 at regionals, a feat that no current Ghetto Force member had achieved.  We had a goal.  On Saturday, April 26th, at 5:30am we set out on an unforgettable journey to achieve that goal.

The Ohio Valley D-1 Regional Tournament took place in Toledo, Ohio (only God knows why) so we made the 2.5 hour drive up I-75 on Saturday morning.  We opened the tournament with a game against Case Western Reserve.  There's not much to say about this game except that we were probably really tired from the drive and some of the team stopped at McDonald's for breakfast so that probably made us a little sluggish.  The Gobies had great flow with their horizontal stack and their zone gave us trouble when the wind kicked up later in the game.  However, we did not do much to help ourselves in this game.  Seemingly everyone who played in that game had at least 1 dropped disc.  We didn't play our best and the skill of our opponents did not help us.  It was a somewhat rude awakening that we needed to focus and get ready to play.  The Case game ended up 5-15. 

Mark with the fabled around break
The Flying Peach
Game 2 was against Ohio University.  The game against them in sectionals was still fresh in our minds.  It was our mission to avenge that loss and prove to ourselves that we weren't as bad as how we played in Game 1.  The game started with both teams trading points.  About halfway through the first half, Ghetto got its first break of the game.  We never looked back from there.  Our zone defense was the best I've ever seen in my (short) time on Ghetto Force.  Our cup was able to shut down the 5-man handler set that OU tried to throw at us.  On offense, Mark Federenko put up big hucks which usually ended up in the hands of either Alan Huels, Peaches, or Steven Moore.  Each seemed immune to the effects of gravity that tether most of us mortals down to Earth, soaring high above the altitude limitations of a normal man.  Coach Jordan played with the majesty and savagery of a stallion with a thirst for bobcat blood.  He was lights out, putting his shoulder(s) on the line with every bid.  Scotty Klein also got in the game and was able to come down with a big catch off the back of the stack and throw the forthcoming assist.  Also I believe it was mentioned that Kevin Lavoy murdered a goose. not that day, but some point in his life.  Everyone played well, a much needed turnaround from Game 1.  Ghetto got the Win 13-9.  Fun Fact: this was Ghetto's first ever victory against Ohio University.  Great stuff.

Coach Jordan gets up
Next on the chopping block was Lehigh B.  Though I'm not sure how exactly a D-III B team made their way into a D-I regional tournament, but I do know that we played well against them.  Though they were seeded 16th, I don't believe they were the worst team there that day.  Lehigh B actually played pretty well, but were no match against the Force of Ghetto they found themselves up against.  This game went by in a flash.  Everyone got substantial playing time this game and had a lot of fun.  We, again, played great zone defense and were able to punch in score after score.  We won 15-8.  This put Ghetto in 3rd place for pool D (it came down to point diff when OU beat Case) placing us in a pre-quarter matchup against 2nd place from pool A.
BroSteve69 had a diving catch
Scott went deep
Game 4 proved to be my favorite game of the day.  It was a pre-quarter crossover game against Edinboro University.  From what I was told, the seniors on the team faced this exact same scenario when they were freshman. Playing Edinboro in a pre-quarter game at regionals, all the same, and I guess they lost.  We set out to avenge that loss from 3 years ago.  From the way these guys played, you'd think they thought about that loss everyday for the last 3 years.  We came out hot, scoring the first 3 or 4 points.  Mark Federenko was, as the kids say, "turnt up".  During a timeout he was quoted saying things like "step on their throats and don't let go.  no bubbles." or "Let's kill 'em" We played very inspired ultimate for the remainder of the game.  Peaches and Alan out ran and out jumped the opposition, Rapsheet was open on almost every in-cut he made, Mark had a couple huge D's, and Jesse helped move the disc down the field from the break side.  Now, we didn't actually kill anyone, but boy did we try. In the team picture attached to the bottom of this post you may notice a firetruck in the background.  I'm not gonna point fingers at anyone, but let's just say the firetruck was not there by accident.  In the end, Ghetto dominated.  We took half 8-4 and later won the game 13-7 (the game was called shortly after the incident occurred) This victory placed Ghetto in the championship bracket for Day 2.

Yes, this is real

What it was like watching Peaches run all over defenses this weekend
The first game of Day 2 was against 2nd seeded Penn State.  They were a very serious team with a coach and everything.  They were eyeing a spot at nationals, but in doing so, seemed to overlook their first round matchup against a small catholic school from southwestern Ohio.  Huge mistake. Ghetto began the game by pulling upwind and throwing the same zone that had worked for us all weekend.  We could tell immediately that Penn State was uncomfortable moving the disc against our zone.  They turned the disc on their half of the field allowing Ghetto to punch in a quick score.  Ghetto then completed a the break downwind, putting the score at 2-0.  We were able to force turns rather easily at the beginning of the game, allowing us to go up 5-2.  At this point, Penn State took a time out.  We could tell PSU had experienced a spectrum of emotion ranging from surprise to trepidation to questioning the purpose of their own existence.  Our timeout huddle was a little bit different.  After some inspiring words by Alan, we broke out into what could only be described as the Dude Jam of the century.  I feel sorry for everyone who wasn't there to witness it in person.  It was awesome.  After the timeout, Penn State seemed to adjust their strategy a bit.  Their game plan now included questionable travel calls and more hammers over our cup. No matter.  Ghetto was able to take half 8-7.  We came out a little flat after half.  I believe we traded scores and made it 10-10 at some point.  After this, we were broken upwind twice and unable to find the end zone again.  The final score ended up 10-14.  Although we were disappointed by the loss, we were proud of how we played against a high caliber team.
The majestic flow
He caught it.
After the Penn State game we weren't sure whether or not our day was over.  Captains spoke to the TD to find out if there was a 5th place bracket. We were informed that there was, and that we would be playing University of Pennsylvania.  The captains decided to only play this game to 9 with no half time.  This game was much less intense than the previous one, but still included some good competition.  Many people got some well deserved playing time since we essentially ran our "kill line" for the entirety of the Penn State game.  Some highlights from the UPenn game include a successful Snake-in-the-Grass play, Schubert having 3 D's on 1 point, and lots of rookie scores.  It was a fun game, but the score ended up 5-9 in favor of UPenn.  
Sneaky snake
One of Schubert's many D's
Ghetto ended up taking 7th place at regionals.  We achieved our goal of breaking into the top 8 and holding our own against some of the better teams in our region.  As a team we peaked at regionals, which is pretty fortunate.  Overall, Ghetto had one of its best seasons in a while.  Even though we only attended 1 tournament other than sectionals and regionals, it was still a blast.  

Also, our very own Mark Fedorenko and Alan Huels are being considered for the All-Region team.  Here are a few snippets about them taken from Ultiworld.

Now, on behalf of all Ghetto Force members, I would like to thank and congratulate each member of the exiting senior class of 2014.  Jesse, Mark, Ted, Jamie, Peaches, Steve, and Ambrose.  Thank you all for the time and effort you have put in to Ghetto Force over the years.  You all were extremely vital to the team's success this year and years past.  Your leadership and experience came through at practice and in games.  Your countless contributions to the team are held in the highest regard and our club will be forever grateful for them.  Thank you for making us better ultimate players and being great friends.  You guys are what make Ghetto Force great.  Thank you and congrats on graduating.
From Left: Jesse Grewal, Mark Fedorenko, Stephen Jira, Patrick Kaufmann, Jamie Horne, Ambrose Dobrozsi, Ted Lannert
One serious photo...

...and a funny one.
All photos are courtesy of Ryan Schubert and his awesome picture taking abilities.  If you'd like to see the complete albums, Ryan has them on his Facebook.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I apologize if it was a little long, but I figured I'd rather be more thorough than not...thorough?  Anyways, this is our team.  I'm so glad to be part of it.  You guys are great teammates and great friends.  Good luck to everyone during their club seasons this summer.  See you next fall.

Conner H.


Another great season of Ghetto Force ultimate has come to an end.  Hucks were thrown, layout D's were had, and many a sky hath occurred.  It was a very odd season, but a fun one nonetheless.  And as with most spring seasons, it ended with the Sectional and Regional tournaments.

Before we get to that, I would like to take a moment to briefly introduce myself.  As mentioned in the previous blog post, our beloved Trap Wizard, Jamie Horne, will be graduating in the next few days which means he will no longer be able to update the blog.  So, for reasons unknown, he decided to tap me to be the next blogger.  For those who don't know me, my name is Conner Haenszel, I am a handler on Ghetto, and I'll be a junior this fall.  Although I'm not sure why I was chosen, I know better than to question the wisdom of the almighty Trap Wizard.  I am humbled and honored to follow in his path.  Its my first time maintaining a blog of any kind, so please bear with me.  It should only get better from here. 

Now, onto the tournaments.  First was the Ohio D-1 Conference Championship, a.k.a sectionals, which took place in Columbus, Ohio.  Day 1 went very well for Ghetto Force.  We opened the day with a highly competitive match against Ohio University.  With OU coming off a nationals appearance last year, we knew we were in for a good game.  We came out guns blazing and opened the game with a streak of quick scores going up 4-1 on OU.  Then, as quickly as we went up, we came back down. I'm not entirely sure of what happened because thing were moving at a blinding pace, but next thing you know OU takes half 5-6 (games were to 11 on Day 1) and eventually took the win 8-11.  It was a hard fought bout, but we fell short.  Blind with rage from the close loss, we proceeded to bagel Youngstown State 11-0.  Poor guys never stood a chance.  

Our game plan after the OU game

This fury would carry over into games 3 and 4 against Miami U and Kent State.  Much like YSU, Miami and KSU found themselves helplessly outmatched against the our impenetrable zone and lightning fast offense.  We tasted victory twice more winning 11-5 and 11-2 against Miami and KSU respectively. 

Day 2 started with a hot matchup between Ghetto Force and Ohio State Leadbelly.  Day 2 was significantly windier than Day 1, with gusts staying around 20-25mph all day.  That being said, Day 2 was very zoney.

what sunday felt like at times

Our game against OSU started with back to back upwind breaks by both teams, so it looked like the makings of a close game.  However, Leadbelly proceeded to crash our cup with the power and ferocity of a thousand Prussian armies, allowing them to successfully march upwind. We fell (valiantly) 5-11.  Much like Day 1, we entered our second game of the day blind with rage and facing a much weaker opponent in Cleveland State.  Ghetto was able to will their way to a victory, just barely, winning 11-5 in a rather quick game.  At this point, something interesting happened.  We heard word that OhioU was in a very close game with Miami.  We went over just in time to see Miami force a turnover and score on universe.  This would have been really important, but we learned soon after that Miami lost to Kent State earlier in the tournament and this stunning turn of events would not end up helping us.  By this point we had secured a bid to regionals, but still had bracket games to play.  

The first was against crosstown rival Wright State.  The game began with Ghetto taking the first point, but immediately after there were some complaints about the beautiful array of color present on the jersey's of Ghettos D-line.  Patrick "Always Calm" Kaufmann engaged in a civil, scholarly discussion with the entire Airstrike team about how "f***ing stupid" it was that Airstrike's light uniforms were actually a dandelion yellow.  Both sides presented very compelling arguments with valid points and unique perspectives. We ended up having to switch to white (minus Peaches).

the sideline's reaction to most arguments made by Peaches

After that Ghetto proceeded to... how do I put this... deliver the People's Elbow to the sternum of Airstrike.  We delivered a payload of deep cut after deep cut downwind and were able to come down with most of them.  Ghetto prevailed in a decisive victory.  

Ghetto Force vs. Airstrike

We moved on to a 4th place game against 1st seeded Cincinnati.  Both teams were exhausted at this point and seemed somewhat content with going to regionals.  Cincy took half 5-8.  After half Ghetto decided that now was not the time to quit.  We were tired, but not tired enough.  Ghetto came out of half with 2 upwind breaks and eventually tied the game 14-14 with a universe point going upwind.  Unfortunately, we were unable to force a turn.  And like all great things, Ghetto's weekend came to an end.  Ghetto ended up taking 5th place at the tournament which is about where we expected, we broke seed by 1 place.  Overall it was a good weekend for Ghetto. We were able to drive back to Dayton with smiles on our faces, happiness in our hearts, and Mixteca on our minds.

mmm tacos

On to regionals....

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Goodbye of Sorts

Hi Guys,

It's the Wizard with, unfortunately, what will be my last post as the Ghetto Force blogger. I have had the privilege of being the team blogger over the past two years. You all have, rather amazingly, accepted my poor choice of words, terrible grammar, and paltry attempts at humor with open arms. For that I am grateful. Ross Guelzow was a near impossible person to follow up, if you're ever bored one day go check out some of his older posts - they're hysterical.

I came to this team a bored, lonely 20 year old sophomore who hadn't done anything remotely athletic in at least 4 years.

When I started my sophomore year, I wanted to get involved in a club team but I couldn't decide. I actually thought I was going to play rugby here; I went to a practice and really enjoyed it. However, during that practice, I took a really bad step and ended up with a plantar fasciitis and realized that I would likely die playing with those gigantic, crazed, bearded dudes.

So I emailed Phil and he told me to come check out a practice - the rest is history. Actually, I need to thank Ted Lannert, if he hadn't seen me hobbling around and recommended I email Phil I would not be here right now.

That in mind, I am going to list some of my favorite things that have happened during my tenure as a member of Dayton's Premier College Ultimate Team.

  1. Phil Broderick.
  2. The Oasis (Peg and Butters)
  3. Getting some nick names to stick (Sammy Scrotum Hands, Zubat, The Assmaster Doug to name a couple)
  4. Being the Trap Wizard
  5. The Chode and his Dr Pepper fetish
  6. Hosting get togethers on Chambers Screet in the Trap House
  7. Long drives in my Pontiac - Fighting the need to vomit through the many trips through Indiana
  8. Heckling people with my one true love, The Brosteve
  9. Hours spent on Brown street establishments with too many people to list
  10. Kaylor and his cat
  11. Frasz tackling some guy with his shirt off
  12. Beach themed things
  13. Wolfing
  14. D.J. Dylan Corwin
  15. Creating glass alley
  16. Long nights of video gaming with Peaches
  17. Zip ties
  18. Funk circles
  19. The quiet wisdom of Adam Tardio
  20. Throwing ill advised high release forehands
  21. Almost dying driving to Florida
  22. Watching those younger than me come into their own and get better than my old slow ass
My experience at college has largely been defined by this team and the people on it. I cannot imagine where I would be now. 

I leave you in the hands of someone I think funnier than I. Conner Haenszel aka Princess aka Princess Darth Vader (He wears black cleats now but he will always be princess to me) will be the new blogger. If you aren't familiar with Conner, dude is also a fantastic handler and I'm excited to see what he comes up with.

Ghetto Force travels this weekend to avoid studying for finals play at regionals.

Thanks for all the great times - I am honored to have been a part of this team and doubly so to have been trusted with the Blog.

Finally, thanks for playing with me.

The Trap Wizard
Jamie Horne

Some of my favorite moments:

 First tournament I played in, never touched the disc the whole weekend

 Tough Mudder

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Beginning of Strike Force Ultimate!

In an unprecedented move in Collegiate Club Sports - a merger of 2 separate schools has been approved by Ryan Gorman of USAU, the current president of the NCAA, and former first lady Barbara Bush - Wright State Air Strike and UD Ghetto Force will be combining into a new Ultimate team called STRIKE FORCE.

This deal had been in the works for at least 2 months following anger with poor attendance due to shit weather. The new combined squad will be led following a fight to the death using bladed discs. Just like in the best movie of all time, Highlander, the winner will be imbued with omniscience and gigantic mullet like hair.

The move was no surprise for Wright State standout Matthew Mullenkamp who stated, "I've wanted to go to UD for years now but due to contractual obligations I could not get a release from the team. I am excited to play as Dayton's premier college ultimate squad".

The alumni have not been informed yet in order to make sure the new team development is not hampered by excessive heckling and Anchorman type gang brawls on the sideline or in the streets of the Gem city.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Awakening

It's that time of year when allergies run wild as well as Ultimate delusions of grandeur. Morning practices are over - there is a God.

When 50 degrees might as well be 80 degrees.

When the sight of the sun elicits an undeniable desire to say, "suns out, guns out"

It was this same time last year that Peaches mastered the Bro-tank under quarter-zip combo that no one has since dared recreate. 

When the team blogger gets lazy and chooses wearisome, generalized titles to describe the season.

This weekend the B-Team, captained by Lou Ferigno, heads down to Miami University to play in the annual "Boogie Nights" tournament. The A team will be sending down some dudes as well to get some playing time. 

The boys have been putting away the sweatpants, shining their sperry's, and popping their collars in order to ensure better camouflage on the campus of J. Crew U. I wonder if this has explained the more recent decline in the performance of Miami's team as running in boat shoes on grass is actually quite difficult. Also, it's hard to decide exactly which pastel color will be used for the team Ultimate jerseys, resulting in a huge rift in team morale. I imagine their shorts this year will have sailfish or lobsters adorning them.

I'm just playing Miami. 

That last paragraph was out of want for your Bagel Deli. Also, our Spikeball set from winning in 2012 broke and we want another one. Can we claim it was still under warranty?

Monday, March 3, 2014


I cannot fathom the loss that Carleton College has experienced this weekend. 3 Carleton College (CUT) players died and 2 others were injured in a horrific car accident. We played Carleton just a few weeks ago in Florida.

I am at a (quite rare) loss for words.

I wish to speak for our own small Ultimate community when I extend my condolences to Carleton College. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Rest in Peace,
James Adams, Michael Goodgame, and Paxton Harvieux.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ghetto Force Weekly

It's best to get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Bad Things:

Unfortunately I have no particularly good news this week. Our tournament this weekend up at Case Western has been cancelled due to poor weather. I've been told there is still a lot of snow on the ground up in Cleveland. The tournament is being postponed to the same week we are to travel to Chicagoland to play in Rockford so we will be looking for an alternative tournament. Also, it's still 20 degrees outside with an ice storm coming this weekend on Sunday.

Go away Winter, no one likes you anymore.

Good Things.

We no longer have to play in a tournament that was sure to be very cold, that is always a plus. If I get classes off on Monday I wouldn't be that upset. Also, March is approaching which contains the best holiday ever invented. Yes I am talking about the holiday that this campus goes crazy over every year. Indeed, EARTH DAY 2014 is close upon us!

Better go buy some green shirts!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Dirty Dozen

Nothing like a little post-match Bro-ga

Please Note: Ian's Face

Florida Warmup Final Update

We made it about an hour ago to our hotel in northern Atlanta after playing 2 games this morning. Florida is behind us and the cold has caught back up with us. Although even at night it only gets to around 40 in Atlanta. People don't know how good they have it sometimes.

On Day 2 of the tournament we had a packed day of 4 games straight against Florida, Texas A&M, Texas (eventual tournament winners), and Central Florida. Coming off a tough day 1, seeing that lineup of teams can be a little demoralizing. UCF lost to Pittsburgh in the College National Finals last year. But we were determined to see this tournament through and play a lot of good Ultimate.

Game 4 against Florida was the windiest game of the entire tournament. We usually played in low wind games, it probably never gusted to more than 5 miles per hour. Not for this game though in which gusts were swirling and unpredictable up to 25 miles per hour. Even with some great plays being made by Steve Jira (who had a solid 1/3 of our scores on Saturday), Ian Cannon, Mark Fed, and Alan Huels we were run down. Florida, with a full roster, hucked every downwind opportunity to wear out our team. They would beat us 3 - 13.

Florida weather is a little unpredictable
Game 5 was against a relatively new upstart program in Texas A&M. They brought a pretty large team all the way from Texas and seemed unplagued by the travel issues that effected nearly every team at the tournament. We started off the game well, going point for point with A&M up until it was 3-3. After missing a grab on a swing pass, Alan chased down and completed a Greatest Throw to John Bayer across field. It was a pretty amazing moment. A&M with a very loud and active sideline went completely silent. This was probably because they needed a few moments to help each other pick their jaws off the ground. Alan's Greatest (which we would've had on camera if Peaches had been able to make it) definitely was the best individual play of the weekend. A&M would unfortunately pull away and win 5 - 13.

This description of Alan's Greatest is not as good as video, It's just a tribute
Game 6 with The University of Texas was another tough game. Texas also had a large roster which was certainly not to our advantage. We really struggled to hand with Texas. I think it was during this game that the weekend started to catch up with guys who were playing a lot of points. The hustle was there, our guys were playing hard but simple mechanics started to fall apart. There were a lot of bad drops and bad throws. I actually don't remember  the exact final score (as of this post, it appears the USAU has taken down Score Reporter?) but it came out to be something like 2 - 13. Not the game we wanted but because it was over rather quickly we had a lot of time to regroup for our final game of the day.

What playing against Texas felt like (Bonus: Awesome Stache)
Game 7 was definitely our best game of the day and probably the best of the entire tournament for Ghetto Force. UCF is a well coached team that competes hard every year and they have staggering depth. They had lost 2 key games Saturday and did not view us as an easy match despite our record. They played a full squad the entire game, because they had to. The game started off very well, Mark and Alan connected on a few long passes and the handler movement was really good. John Bayer had an immaculate score sheet for this game and caught a lot of bad throws at the expense of his body. In typical fashion for the weekend, we played with UCF close until it was 4 - 4. Even with some more great catches by Steven Moore, Brandon Rush, and Bob Strohmeyer, we could no longer keep competing with UCF's onslaught of players. Orlando is only about 2 hours from Tampa. That's like cheating. UCF would win it 7 - 13.

After Saturday's games we rallied at the hotels and watched a replay of the USA vs. Russia Men's Olympic Hockey game. 3 points for capitalism and only 2 for communism. Suck it Putin.

Game 8 on Sunday morning was a new day and a chance to get a better result for at least 1 of our last 2 games. Starting off against Georgia Tech, the 3 day tournament had taken away most of our edge. Cuts and reaction times felt slow which is really bad when you play a good team like Georgia Tech. Mark Fed had some great hucks that game but really there was little else to speak of. Tech won 3 - 15.

Game 9 was our final game against the first team we played at the tournament, Two-lane (Tulane). In the interest of getting people to their flights in time Alan and the other captain agreed to play only to 11 with open lines. This way we could finally start to rest some of the guys who saw a lot of playing time this weekend which is really important when you consider that this is the first tournament of a long Spring season. In this game we tried out some new stuff and without a doubt the game MVP was SuperTim Willer. Tim was put into the handler spot for what was probably the first time in his life. Using his gargantuan intellect and overall awesomeness, Tim did a great job on offense. Then we went on defense and NBA Jammed a disc on a guy who had probably a whole foot on Tim. Keeping up with his moniker, Dylan "Sticky Bandit" Corwin made fantastic catches on discs that had not business being caught. Upside down, at his face, in a gale wind, or covered in razor blades - Sticky can catch anything. I also remember Brandon Rush jumping higher than I've ever seen him jump to make a D. How he had that much in the tank on our 9th game for it is beyond me. Tulane would win it 8 - 11

Florida was really fun. It was interesting to see other teams and how they operate. Every team does something a little different which was great to see. Although we never won a game, this tournament was an excellent learning experience. If we could accomplish this much with 11 dudes and an old wizard, one wonders what we could do with the rest of the team and those we missed this weekend. Sam, Jordan, Tardio, and Peaches.

Next time, everyone is riding in the van. Even if it's with a Polka band
That tournament didn't get me down, it got me excited. Losses are just an investment in learning. Which is good because I was never one for all that book learnin'.

Let's go Ghetto


**Also, thanks for reading! I don't think the blog has ever reached over 1000 page view in a month. You guys are great.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Have burn, will travel (during throw)

Too sunburnt and tired. Will post a tournament recap tomorrow.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Turnt and Burnt

Day 1 has come and gone and I am glad to say that our merry band of 12 remains as such. We have suffered no major injuries. Our lovely team from the frozen north does now bear strange patches of sunburn though. If you took all the sunburnt patches from each person you could probably form a new person. We thought about trying this ritual but Dylan Corwin was not OK with donating his calves.

He already even has the correct catching form!
We got up at 7:00ish and went in teams down to the free continental breakfast. Outside, we walked into weather that has driven the local population to their knees. It was 50 degrees and sunny, most people I saw were wearing jeans and winter coats. Tim Willer started sweating just crossing the streets to the fields. Florida weather is awesome. The amount of times I mention that fact may be a psychological justification of effort after driving as long as I did.

It was probably 75 degrees when this picture was taken
At around 8:00 AM, South Florida's campus was deserted. I have yet to see people who look like college students on this campus. After we warmed up we had our first game of the day against Tulane.

Tulane is a surprisingly good team this year. They went to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago with only 7 people (they sympathized with our lack of players due to cancelled flights) and went 3 - 1 during pool play. This in mind, we came out and played like a team that hadn't played outside yet all year. Sloppily. Our defense was passive and best and we scored by throwing hucks to our tall people, Steve Moore and Alan. The score ended up 5 - 13 for the bad guys. However we weren't that upset, its hard to be upset about dang near anything when the sun is shining and it's a balmy 70 degrees out.

Carleton was our next game and we were most turnt indeed for this rematch. Last year at Florida Warm Up, our battered band of Ultimate brotatos played maybe one of the best games of UD's Ultimate's existence. Ghetto played a valiant game last year, losing only on hard cap by 1 point. It was the carrot that got us to make this ridiculous journey south yet again. Even without the 4 guys we lost to cancelled flights, we were ready for a great game. We started with the disc and walked right down the field and scored on a Mark Fed hammer to Steve Moore. It was a great statement to make to start the game. Carleton was not going to be able to sleep on us. We traded points for the first 4 points but eventually our legs started to give out some. Carleton took half ahead 4 - 7. But we did not roll over, we kept playing hard but we suffered from a lack of dudes. Carleton brought 27 people, we had 12. Carleton won 8 - 13.

The only college accredited in teaching this dance
Our last game of the day was against South Florida. Unfortunately, our previous loss followed by a long bye round took a lot of wind out of our sails. South Florida had come off playing a close game with Pitt, eventually losing a close game. We came out flat. Flatter than Kansas or an open can of Coke left in a car on a long hot summer day. South Florida, through a series of ridiculous catches/drops on our part. South Florida took half 1 - 7. This did not make us very happy so we actually started playing again and played our best Ultimate of the whole day. After a series of amazing points the game was brought back to 8 - 10. But the legs just gave out again and South Florida out hucked us 9 - 13.

All and all it was a good day. We played against some of the better teams in the entire College series in Tulane and Carleton. In no way are we discouraged by today, tomorrow is a new day and we're looking forward to spoil some other team's weekend while we soak up some rays.