The UPA is now "USA Ultimate"!!

The UPA is now "USA Ultimate"!!
The UPA has changed its name from the UPA(the Ultimate Players Association) to USA Ultimate

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Callahan Nomoniees

What is the Callahan Award?
The Callahan Award has been established to recognize the most valuable players in men's and women's college ultimate. Each year the Callahan trophy is presented to the man and woman who combine superior athleticism with outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the sport of ultimate.

In the eyes of his or her peers, the Callahan winner is the personification of the ideal ultimate player.

Nominating A Candidate?
Any college or university with an interscholastic ultimate team can submit one candidate for the Callahan Award. Teams can nominate Callahan candidates in whatever manner they chose: they can be selected by a captain or coach, voted for by senior players, voted for by all players, etc.

In addition to each team being able to nominate one player, UPA Regional Coordinators can nominate one player from their region as well. Note that this can result in two players being nominated from the same team.

Listed bellow are the 2010 nominees:

1. Brian McDonald Colorado-B

2. Walden Nelson Illinois

3. Ryan Heffernan Michigan State

4. Andrew Walch Texas State

5. JimmyKiselak Rensselaer Polytech

6. ErichMacLaren NC State-B

7. Andrew Otto Grinnell

8. Joseph Foley Nebraska

9. Michael Saeger Nebraska-B

10. Dennis Tarasi Truman State

11. Ben Slade Clemson

12. Adil Delawalla Georgia Tech-B

13. Matt Sheehan Stanford-B

14. Ryan Bigley Kansas

15. Chris Brenenborg Pittsburgh

16. Ken Porter NC State

17. Phil Brock Tennessee

18. Jeff Loskorn Texas

19. Jeff Wodatch George Washington

20. matt stupski Florida State-B

21. David Brooks North Texas

22. Ryan Chard South Florida

23. Gain Robinson Stonehill

24. Eli Friedman Oregon

25. Shane Sisco East Carolina

26. Evan Klane Wisconsin

27. Graham Baecher Dartmouth

28. Peter Dempsey Georgia

29. Rusty Ingold-Smith North Carolina-Wilmington

30. Jack McShane Colorado

31. Andrew Hollingworth Tufts

32. Andrew Schroeder Notre Dame

33. Alex Engel Wisconsin-Milwaukee

34. Kielan Way Carleton University

35. Andrew Roca Central Florida

36. Cassidy Rasmussen California-Santa Cruz

37. Mike Toulouse George Mason

38. Drew Rowny Yale

39. Tyler Conger Virginia

40. Taylor Kraemer Indiana

41. George Stubbs Harvard

42. Ethan Gillett MIT

43. Taylor Lahey California-Davis

44. Steve Roberts Air Force

45. Luke Wildfire Virginia-B

46. Paul Adkisson Missouri

47. Brodie Smith Florida

48. Michael Arenson Minnesota

49. Jordan Hupp Chicago

50. Michael Hanley Loyola Chicago

51. Michael "Trip" Albani Delaware

52. Tom Haynes Michigan

53. Jamie Quella Williams

54. Ryan Kurkul Michigan-B

55. Justin "Bobble" Elliott California-San Diego

56. Sam Kanner Carleton

57. Casey Hooper Arkansas

58. Timmy Beatty California-Santa Barbara

59. Josh Botti Ohio State

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